People actively searching the web for your products and services are hot prospects. It is important for you to have a first-page presence on Google when they do. If not, you could be missing out on major opportunities. The Idea Center specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to help our clients achieve first-page presence for the keywords they wish to be found for.

We love to measure results. One of the ways we are able to do this is by assigning unique phone numbers to track phone calls that were generated from SEO, SEM, and direct visits. In addition, each client has access to our Client Center services. With your unique login, you see organic rankings (real-time), Google analytics, social media engagement stats (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), and your pay-per-click campaign data. There is a very high level of measurement and accountability.

The Idea Center team is based in Richmond, VA, and we manage national SEO and SEM campaigns, as well as local and regional campaigns.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to get your most desired keywords on the first page of Google organically (through SEO). We do this by complimenting SEO with pay-per-click (SEM) campaigns that place you on the first pages where you don’t yet have organic listings. As these keywords gain organic first-page presence, we can stop paying for (or greatly reduce the bid on) the corresponding pay-per-click keywords. We’ll help guide your on-site optimization efforts, while we build your rankings off-site. You can track the results of your SEO campaign real-time using The Client Center.

Ultimately, we increase visitors to your site and save you money in the long run. SEO is one of the few marketing tools that you spend the same amount of money on each month, but your results (better rankings + more visits = more opportunities) get better and better.

SEM Search Engine Marketing

The Idea Center is a Google Certified AdWords company and also a Google Partner, which means we have extensive knowledge on how to set up, manage and measure pay-per-click campaigns effectively. With an SEM campaign, you can target your online advertising based on geography, keywords, and audience. We’ll help you place your ads only where they are going to be most effective. There is no minimum spend with SEM – you get what you pay for. You can have a first-page presence on Google almost immediately to compete with the visitors you’ve identified as hot prospects. We manage text ad campaigns, remarketing campaigns, display (including image and video) campaigns, managed placements and more. We will measure conversion rates from phone calls, e-mails and visits to certain pages to help determine ROI.