Welcome, Jeff Meek!

Jeff Meek joins The Idea Center

We’d like to take a moment and welcome Jeff Meek to The Idea Center! Prior to joining us, Jeff was the Director of Sales & Marketing at National Heat Exchange, one of our long-time clients. 

While Jeff was at National Heat Exchange, he helped lead them towards an average growth rate of 23% per year, attracted an extensive client list that now includes over 500 power plants in the nation, and developed an international expansion for products and consultations. 

Jeff is a hands-on problem solver who’s dedicated to building and maintaining relationships that thrive on both business and personal levels. He believes that genuine conversations form themselves in the moment, and that authentic people gravitate towards authentic people. He knows that there’s a solution to every problem and his favorite part of any job is finding it. Jeff knows that everything is possible with the right approach and a “can-do” attitude. 

Jeff will be joining us in an Account Manager capacity. We look forward to his expertise in the industrial fields. Welcome to The Idea Center, Jeff!