Virginia Eye Institute – The Aesthetics Center

Virginia Eye Institute, one of Virginia’s premier ophthalmic practices, recently introduced their new Aesthetic Center to the Richmond area. Headed by Dr. William Bearden and Dr. Nicole Langelier, The Aesthetic Center strives to provide patients with a natural beauty through the use of science. They offer multiple cosmetic services; with a focus on cosmetic eye surgery, laser skin treatments, and dermal fillers.

At The Idea Center, we’ve always stressed maintaining a true partnership with the companies we work with, as opposed to a standard client-agency relationship. Working like this gives us opportunities to grow, as well as succeed, with our clients as time moves forward. When VEI told us that they were opening a cosmetics focused branch; our President and Creative Director, Barry Martin, worked with the institute to formulate a brand consistent marketing strategy worthy of the reputation that VEI has garnered over the years as a premier medical practice. Besides an extensive and ongoing PPC/SEO campaign, The Idea Center has built a website, shot video and photography, run ad campaigns on traditional media channels (radio, television, and print), and facilitated trade shows for The Virginia Eye Aesthetics Center. 

You can check out some of our work for The Aesthetics Center below.