Virginia Eye Institute

Virginia Eye Institute reaches new levels of visibility and prominence with The Idea Center’s full-scope comprehensive approach.

The Idea Center produced a whole new look for Virginia Eye Institute by building a website and a full marketing campaign that is alive with the spirit and character of one of America’s premier eye care specialist networks. Creating a fresh, image-driven website for Virginia Eye Institute successfully re-introduced this award-winning, comprehensive care organization to the public, but that was just the beginning! The Idea Center is the marketing management team responsible for all publicity and advertising projects, including their many television, radio, and print campaigns. Our top-flight SEO and Google / PPC specialists ensure the client traffic keeps flowing, and the name Virginia Eye Institute has become renowned throughout the community as one of the premier ophthalmic medical facilities. TIC strives to show how our approachable our healthcare clients are, and our biographical videos of Virginia Eye Institute’s physicians do just that; our bio-video collection is the second most visited page on their extensive website.

Web Design

Virginia Eye Institute Website

Video Production

The Idea Center & Virginia Eye Institute have collaborated to provide patients with an unique opportunity to meet their doctors virtually. We began contemplating the standard medical CV–that you can expect to find on 9-out-of-10 healthcare websites–and concluded that the best way to improve the user experience would be to introduce potential patients to VEI’s amazing staff first-hand. To achieve this our production crew spent several weeks traveling to the Virginia Eye Institute offices filming and interviewing the staff. In the end we produced 30 doctor segments that simulate an introductory 1-on-1 conversation. We’ve included a few of our favorites below.


Doctor Bio’s

Television Spots

Client Testimonial