Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists: a place to heal your heart, marketed exclusively by The Idea Center.

A sterling internet representation is the single most effective searchlight for clients and patients who are looking for the place that feels right. Creating a brand that inspires confidence for clients we believe in: that is our goal and part of Marketing with a Mission. The largest private cardiology practice in Virginia, VCS treats thousands of patients a year at their many facilities. Their physicians are preeminent specialists who have access to the very leading edge in diagnostic and surgical equipment. But that is not the only aspect of the practice that draws patients to Virginia Cardiovascular; our well-shot biographical videos present professional yet approachable physicians that inspire trust. Yes, they are easily found, but The Idea Center’s management of VCS’s television, radio, and print marketing elicits confidence in the public mind by establishing and maintaining a reliable, brand consistent persona.

Video Production