Video Marketing Creates Big Impact for Medical Firms

Consumers today are empowered by the Internet in so many ways. Before making major purchase or even placing a lunch order, people turn to the web to find ratings, stories, and more information about the products and services they purchase. This is especially true for medical services.


“We have learned that consumers want to develop a relationship with their physicians,” Barry Martin, The Idea Center President and Creative Director.


The Idea Center has recently developed videos for Virginia Eye Institute, Virginia Urology, Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists, HCA Virginia, Richmond Surgical Arts and more. Patient testimonials, doctor profiles, and company histories help paint a picture for patients who are researching medical providers. See examples on our YouTube channel here.

Potential patients are using the Internet at an increasing rate to make decisions and video is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to reach any internet user. Video traffic currently accounts for more than 60% of web traffic. According Cisco’s Visual Networking Index report, video content will comprise 80% of global web traffic by 2019.

The Virginia Eye Institute invested in developing videos and it has paid off. In April 2015, the business’s YouTube channel generated 30-50 views a month. Today, the firm’s YouTube channel has nearly 1,000 views every month.

“The number one thing that people love that The Idea Center did were the videos of our doctors,” Margaret Benson, Virginia Eye Institute Director of Marketing. “That has become our most viewed page on the website.”

The Idea Center works with businesses like Virginia Eye Institute to create videos that are brand consistent. They ensure that each video shares the same fonts, colors and imagery. The Idea Center team shoots video to build a “content pool” that can be used to create different types of videos and even television commercial spots. It’s a cost effective way to cut down on production time and ensure a consistent message across all online marketing collateral.

An experienced staff and high quality equipment make The Idea Center’s video services competitive against full video production companies. The team recently purchased a drone and is applying for a license to use it to record video for businesses such as hospitals, construction companies, and more. The drone will help add a professional edge to new videos by incorporating multiple angles.

The Idea Center team looks forward to creating more online videos for our medical partners and beyond!