VEI Aesthetics: Video Testimonial

In the cosmetics industry, it’s important to know that you can trust your surgeon. One small slip up by an unexperienced provider during an operation may change the whole outcome of your procedure, and subsequently your appearance. Luckily, the VEI Aesthetics Center has two board-certified surgeons that do outstanding work, making it easier for us to market the services they provide.

So how do we communicate to people that the plastic surgeons at the VEI Aesthetics Center have the experience and talent necessary to provide a life-changing service?

The answer is simple: we ask actual patients how their experience was, film it, and release it as a video. The process is tried and true. Future patients are more willing to listen to real people they can relate to, rather than PPC copy or other digital marketing efforts.

Maurice Mcneil, our in-house video producer, says that the most important thing when making a testimonial is to fully understand what it is trying to accomplish. Once you have a complete grasp on the goal, you can build and edit the video to achieve it.

You can check out the video here: