Trivium Advisors: New Website

Last month, we launched a new website for Trivium Advisors. Trivium Advisors is a commercial real estate project management firm based in Houston, Texas that’s dedicated to creating commercial facilities that use less resources to build and operate. We provided copywriting, web development & design, and optimization services for Trivium. 

We started our relationship with Greg Hillman, the founder of Trivium Advisors, back when we rebuilt his original site in 2014. At this point, Greg was just starting out and considered himself as a “minor leaguer” in the commercial real estate industry. Fast forward a few years later, Greg has entered the major leagues, and his site was in need of a rebuild and redesign to match his upward trajectory. One of the problems he was encountering was the shift in consumer and Google habit towards mobile first searching/indexing that occured in the past couple of years. This shift made his original site seem unresponsive compared to other websites in his industry. 

trivium advisors's new website on several types of screens. Tablet, desktop, laptop, and phone.

Building The Website

We built the site with his vision squarely in mind. Greg wanted to put an emphasis on his “bread and butter” services: project management, advisory services, and development management. He also wanted to highlight how Trivium differentiates themselves from other firms in his industry. 

Trivium differentiates themselves by utilizing a mindset of holistic thinking when taking on a development project. They aim to unite the three main elements of sustainable project delivery: economic competitiveness, efficient energy management strategies, and environmental stewardship. 

One of the ways that Trivium unites those elements is through constructing net zero energy and intelligent buildings. However, this concept is something that the commercial real estate industry hasn’t necessarily embraced. Instead of building for the future, most commercial builders want to build for the now. Greg didn’t want the website to scare these types of potential clientele away, but he also didn’t want to completely neglect his differentiator.

To strike a balance between present and future, we decided to settle on a more traditional home page. Putting the spotlight on the audience Trivium is hoping to attract and projects that have been completed already. While the layout is traditional, the copy hints and pushes Greg’s interest in sustainable development. 

To completely address the net zero energy component of Trivium, we built a page under the services tab titled “net zero energy building”. Above the fold, the page serves to inform and educate on what net zero energy is. As the reader progresses, the page shifts gears into why it is important to consider building net zero energy and intelligent buildings; and ends with hard facts on OPEX, staff productivity, and cost avoidance.

Kyle Milwit, Account Manager stated, “After one of our clients referred us to Greg, we established a great connection right off the bat. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Greg over the years, we believe in his company and what it stands for, and we are grateful for the oppurtunity to help Trivium Advisors continue to grow!”

You can visit Trivium’s new website here.

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