The Idea Center Shoots Video Shown at Architectural Conference in South Korea

On September 17th, The Idea Center was invited to shoot video for the Virginia Society chapter of The American Institute of Architects.  The chapter was celebrating their 100th anniversary and we were there to encapsulate this monumental moment.  While there, we had the pleasure of meeting Helene Combs Dreiling, President of the National AIA.

A couple of weeks ago Helene reached out to us and asked if we would help her with a special project.  She told us that there was going to be an architectural conference in Seoul South Korea.  She wouldn’t be able to attend in person but wanted to send a video of herself addressing the audience.  There were going to be many influential and important figures attending the conference including, Kim Young Soo, President of Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA).  Our team jumped at this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

On October 13th, we met Helene at her office, located in the Branch House on Monument Avenue in Richmond, where we set up our equipment.  Helene spoke with clarity, confidence, and poise, trademarks of influential Presidents and CEOs.  She delivered two speeches and we were able to film them both with one take each.  Helene thanked us again for our work and we promised to have the videos turned around quickly so they could be sent off to South Korea to have subtitles added. 

Yesterday, October 21st, was the conference and our videos were shown to all attending the conference in Seoul.  Helene informed us that the project was a huge success and everything ran smoothly.  We want to thank The American Institute of Architects and Helene for giving us the opportunity to work on this once and a lifetime project.  We look forward to working with Helene and the National AIA for years to come.