Neli is a virtual appliance repair application based in Sanford, North Carolina that connects appliance technicians to customers around the United States. Customers make an appointment online, connect with their technician at the scheduled time, then get guided by the technician through the appliance repair. The Idea Center partnered with Neli in November of 2019 as their agency of record.

Scope of Work

  • Website updates as requested for speed, design, and UX enhancements
  • Formulate an organic and paid media strategy to drive customer growth
  • Implement strategy and effectively track attribution
  • Landing page building & optimization
  • Produce creative work as needed that fits Neli’s brand and digital strategy
  • Provide creative consultancy as needed that fits Neli’s brand and digital strategy


Neli had built a completely new-to-market product and established a brand identity to go along with it. The problem? They had no customers, had tried digital marketing in the past with no results, and had a limited budget.


Drive customer growth solely through digital organic & paid media channels with a  cost-effective budget.


  • Repairing an appliance virtually was an unheard of concept
  • Had to compete with local appliance repairmen in 9 total states for PPC
  • No budget to couple traditional media marketing efforts with digital

Paid Strategy

Create a digital acquisition strategy through paid digital media channels in order to cost-effectively drive growth and establish a lifelong customer base.


    • Paid Strategy: Grow brand awareness through Display and Video channels while consistently bringing in-market customers in through search ads.
    • Paid Strategy: Create custom affinity and in-market audiences in Google Ads to reach people who may be interested in what Neli offers on display & video channels.
    • Paid Strategy: Establish individual ad groups for each area of service Neli offers (refrigerator repair, range repair, appliance repair, etc.).
    • Paid Strategy: Build converting landing pages for each ad group.
    • Creative Strategy: Emphasize the difference of cost between in-person appliance repair and Neli’s virtual appliance repair through creative work. Pivot slightly to emphasize Neli’s unique offerings during COVID-19 crisis.
    • Creative Strategy: Educate consumers on a new-to-market product that competes with one they’re already familiar with (in-person appliance repair).

Display Creative

Key Stats

  • 0.37% Click Through Rate
  • 738,805 Impressions
  • $0.96 CPM


Video Creative

Key Stats

  • 29,829 Impressions
  • 43.22% View Rate

Search Ads

Landing Page

Organic Strategy


  • Improve site speed
  • Optimize site for SEO
  • Work through a catalog of blog posts to optimize for SEO and consult on content strategy
  • Establish keyword list and improve rankings
  • Track brand growth through keyword volume


  • Grew website users from 2,597 in November 2019 to 18,487 in June 2020 – hitting the 100,000 total user mark in July of 2020
  • Increased keywords rankings on Google by 459 spots
  • Achieved a paid cost per conversion of $4.56
  • Increased brand search volume by 100 searches a month
  • Achieved placement in featured snippets for important keywords