In December of 2018, The Dermatology Center decided to focus marketing efforts on their Coolsculpting procedure. As their agency of record, we created a targeted digital marketing campaign that resulted in a ROAS (return on advertising spend) of 4.26 and an increase in Coolsculpting cycles of 256.25% when compared to the same month of the previous year.


We decided a 3 pronged approach to the campaign was the way to go. Ads were placed on Display, Youtube, and Search channels in order to effectively reach our audience. Custom affinity audiences were established and built for Display and Youtube. A keyword list was built for the search channel. 

Target Audience:

Females aged 25-44 in the Fredericksburg, VA area. These women are busy with daily life but try to get a workout whenever they can. These women count their calories and track their steps. They like to see results in the form of numbers and feel satisfied when they reach a predetermined workout goal.


Display (Ads are sized for web)




Coolsculpting is a competitive field. Do a quick google search of “Coolsculpting near me” to see the evidence. While The Dermatology Center was offering $200 off per treatment plan, other practices were offering even more of a discount than that. With a budget of just $4,000, we needed to find a way to reach our audience in spaces they already existed, as well as spaces where they were already thinking about weight loss. 


In order to leap over the obstacles we faced as advertisers and effectively reach our target audience, we placed ads on home workout, calorie counter, and diet apps, Youtube videos, and websites. We targeted these placements because it was likely that the people utilizing these were looking for a quick way to lose weight, but didn’t have the time or drive to fully commit to an extended weight loss plan.

Our ads were to be as unobtrusive as possible while still increasing awareness. We never wanted to “shout” at our target audience that they needed to lose weight. Instead, we wanted them to consider Coolsculpting as a viable “quick fix” solution. That’s a big part of why our Youtube Ad was only 6 seconds long and our display ads were never half or full-page banners. 

The goal was to increase consideration for Coolsculpting on Display and Youtube, as well as capture active searchers and qualified leads with search ads.


Total Impressions (brand awareness): 424,077

Return on advertising spend (ROAS): 4.26

Increase in Coolsculpting Cycles when compared to the same month of the previous year: 256.25%

Besides an increase in sales and ROI, we established a target audience for future Coolsculpting campaigns.