Our Expanding Google Partnership

Opening the Doors to New Business with Google

For 21 years this month, The Idea Center has been working to keep companies and nonprofits on the cutting edge. The Idea Center team isn’t looking to be trendy; not all new tools offer an increased return on investment for businesses.

Google search engine optimization, however, has proven to be one of the most valuable advertising platforms to date. That’s why The Idea Center has worked hard to leverage its resources for clients. President and Creative Director Barry Martin became a Google Partner and Certified AdWords Planner years ago. This month, Media Specialist Raphael Peterson became the second Idea Center staff member to become a Google Partner and Google Certified AdWords Planner.

What Does Being a Google Partner Mean?

Google says that ninety-seven percent of people searching for a product or service start online. So it is essential to understand as much as possible about how Google works to achieve strategic online marketing success. And it’s a continual learning process because Google continuously evolves and adds new products. This is why The Idea Center knew that they had to be a Google Partner – to help their clients make the most of their online marketing.

“What we love about Google is that we can demographically and geographically target customers and generate new business leads for our clients that they may not have otherwise gotten” Barry said.

A successful Google search engine strategy has three parts: targeted pay per click (PPC) ads, properly managed map pins, and organically driven searches. As certified Google Partners, Barry and Raphael have not only learned how to expertly use these tools, but they are required to continue their education, pass exams and meet a series of ongoing performance standards.

As they build web campaigns for clients, The Idea Center can track key data, including: your current search engine rankings, social media performance, location and demographic info about site visitors such as gender and age range – even phone calls that can be tied to organic, direct and PPC visits.

“Our Best Quarter Ever”

A couple of years ago, Vice President of National Heat Exchange, Brian Antal and his sales manager Jeff Meek were reviewing their website, knowing it was time to revamp it. Serendipitously, National Heat meets Kyle Milwit, Account Manager at The Idea Center, and Barry Martin at the PowerGen International tradeshow in Orlando and there was an immediate connection.

The Idea Center designed and built a responsive (mobile friendly), full-screen, user-friendly website that National Heat receives regular compliments on. TIC also launched a national Google AdWords Campaign and an SEO campaign that has yielded excellent results and ROI.

“We’ve had a huge influx within the past six months of new clients” Antal said. “That is directly attributable to our marketing program and the Google search engine optimization and how that has driven people to our website and to call us.”

Antal said he and NHE recently closed their most successful quarter in history. The Idea Center continues to analyze the “micro moments” that lead customers to take action and further customize and narrow online campaigns for NHE.

“I think we are on the cutting edge compared to a lot of our competitors because of what we’ve done with our search engine optimization,” Antal said.

Learn More
As a Certified Google Partner, The Idea Center has access to live Chromecasts (from Google’s HQ) and workshops for their clients and partners. Stay tuned for announcements about the next Google event.