National Heat Exchange

National Heat Exchange is the undisputed world leader in servicing industrial coolers, and The Idea Center is there to represent their dauntles commitment to keeping the world energized.

Supporting America’s energy producers and manufacturing powerhouses is National Heat Exchange, keeping us moving 24/7. The Idea Center creates a dependable, dynamic persona for them to present to the world, online and in-house. When American industry relies on you to keep it producing, it’s vital to have equally motivated creative professionals to fully represent your work in the public sphere. The Idea Center built a uniquely designed, highly image-driven website showcasing the many industry-specific qualifications of this multinational corporation. NHE takes great pride in its ongoing R&D and accelerating growth, and contracted us to produce an in-house corporate video as well as a fully narrated, comprehensive Lunch-and-Learn film. This project features footage of live industrial procedures shot on location and details the extended line of services NHE provides. Our SEO and Google PPC strategies make it a snap to locate National Heat Exchange from anywhere. Furthermore, we manage their new Constant Contact Campaign, ensuring they remain connected at all times to their valuable clients and customers around the globe.

Web Design

National Heat Exchange Website

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