Keep your Website Mobile-Friendly

Google is constantly updating its search algorithm. They do this to ensure that users are receiving high-quality and relevant results for what they are searching for. Google’s mobile update made on April 21, 2015, is one of the major algorithm updates that has come within the past decade. Commonly referred to as “Mobilegeddon”, this update transitioned Google’s ranking system to favor website pages that are built in a responsive, mobile-friendly format.

What does this update mean? It means that you want your website to have optimal usability on any mobile device. Elements such as website design, accessibility, and navigation are some of the key factors in ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and appearing high in Google’s search ranking. Websites that contain factors such as unplayable content, horizontal scrolling, etc. experience a direct drop in ranking. As a result, your website receives less traffic. 

How mobile-friendly is my site?

Google has created two forms of tests to help you track this. First, the Mobile Friendly Test. This helps you examine the individual pages of your site. Additionally, is the Mobile Usability Report in Webmaster Tools. This lets you check the status of your entire site. Once a site becomes mobile-friendly, Google will automatically re-process through the index!

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