Integrating Drones Into Our Video Process

Any ad agency will tell you they’re up to date on new technologies and industry innovation. However, how well they are able to utilize that new tech can be a whole other matter entirely. Resident video expert, Maurice McNeil, can attest to the trials and tribulations of assimilating new technology into an already complicated arsenal of video equipment. “It took a little while to grasp. But once I got a handle on it the flying came pretty naturally. It helps that the learning process can be really fun when it involves flying a robot around the city”.

Maurice notes that, with the introduction of affordable drones to videographers, wide cinematic shots that were usually reserved for big budget brands and hollywood productions are more accessible to small businesses. He says that “having a drone eliminates the need to rent out a huge crane or a helicopter just to get that one roll of footage”.

You can view our sample drone footage in the video below.