HCA Chippenham Hospital “Best Day of My Life” Video Goes Viral

The Idea Center has had a growing relationship HCA Virginia Hospitals and we enjoy being part of their mission to provide top quality health care with a smile.  We have shot video for several different locations in the Richmond area.  Over the summer, the Chippenham Hospital Pediatric Unit approached us asking for our help with a project.  In May, another hospital had released a video of their doctors and staff dancing to Pharrell Williams, “Happy”.  The Chippenham hospital told us that they wanted to shoot a similar video using, “Best Day of My Life”, by American Authors. 

We were excited about the opportunity but this project posed a challenge.  When people, especially children, visit a hospital or are being treated for an extended time, they normally don’t associate that experience with being the best day of their life.  Hospitals can be scary places.  How could we send the message that a trip to Chippenham Hospital could end up being the best day of your life? 

Here at The Idea Center, we love solving such challenges with our collective creativity.  Our solution…Paint!  There is nothing more joyful for a kid to hold a paintbrush in hand and craft a masterpiece.  It’s messy, colorful, and beautiful.  We decided the video needed to have a story.  What if we had a patient get out of his hospital bed, gather all the other kids, hand out paint brushes, paint on giant canvases, and at the end of the day go home with his mother?  That is a powerful story.  We would include shots of the doctors, staff, and kids dancing along to the song.  The hospital is no longer a scary place to go but a place where a kid could really have the best day of his or her life.

In July, we shot the video and turned the hospital into a giant party and the kids and staff had a blast filming, as did we.  The hallways quickly turned into dance floors and the sounds of singing and laughter echoed throughout the rest of the building.  You can watch some behind the scenes footage of us at work.  Click here to watch.

We launched the video on September 22nd and allowed the world to witness the joy we had.  The video quickly took off and people have noticed.  The video was featured on several news sites and received high accolades.  Please watch “Best Day of My Life” Starring the Chippenham Hospital Pediatric Unit! HCA Virginia, and share the love.  So far, the video has had over 12,000 views and that number continues to grow on a daily basis.  Mission Accomplished!!