We Grow So We Can Give

cncThe Idea Center Creative Director Barry Martin and Account Manager Kyle Milwit recently took a trip to Boston. They were headed to one of their favorite annual events: the Iconic Conference. The event connects entrepreneurs and leaders with fellow visionaries and provocateurs to help ignite new ideas–a perfect place for the Idea Center to recharge.



While there, Barry was featured on a CNBC segment about company culture. He described his philosophy for creating a productive work environment at The Idea Center: “It’s not just about coming in and grinding out the work. It’s about interacting with each other. We look forward to seeing each other.”



“One thing many experts say small business owners need to prioritize is company culture, regardless of the speed with which they hope to expand,” explains the CNBC article.



The Idea Center has been steadily growing over the years thanks to referrals, repeat clients and high quality work supported by a positive office environment. As Barry and Kyle met with and watched presentations by the founders of Life is Good, Samuel Adams, Indegogo and more, they were able to reflect on their company goals.



Why grow The Idea Center?



Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and CEO of Kind, said it all: “We grow so we can give.”



Every project that The Idea Center works on allows it to work with organizations like Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now). The Idea Center built the organization’s main website and the FAM Richmond website, a program of SCAN. The Idea Center also recently launched a new website for CARITAS, Richmond’s largest homelessness services provider.



“Marketing with a Mission” isn’t just a tagline Barry and his team embrace in their office. Barry encourages clients like AMF Bakery Systems to give, too. Recently, AMF donated more than 10,000 meals to people in need thanks to The Idea Center’s concept for AMF to embrace cause marketing and make an impact. AMF’s new website launches soon.



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