Google Favoring Mobile Friendly Websites Will Directly Impacting Search Engine Optimization

Google announced in February that a big change will be occurring in their search engine algorithm to help their users find more relevant information.  On April 21 Google will start ranking mobile friendly sites higher than those sites that are not.  Mobile devices have changed the way in which we surf the web.  Everyday more and more people are surfing the web, making purchases, and consuming content on their phones and tablets and less on their laptops and desktops.  Google’s central goal is to provide the most useful and relevant content to consumers.  Now Google wants to provide the most relevant information favoring the devices that people use the most.  So what does this mean for search engine optimization?  It means that if you have a responsive website then you are in the clear.  But if your website is not built in a responsive format to be mobile friendly, you will be at a major disadvantage.  Websites that are not mobile friendly can expect to drop in Google’s rankings.

If your website is not mobile friendly, the time has arrived to make the adjustments.  At The Idea Center, we build all of our websites in a responsive format, meaning your website will automatically adjust itself to be correctly displayed on different mobile devices.  Contact us if you would like to make your site responsive.  We also help to manage SEO for our clients to help grow their business.  There are many different factors involved in SEO.  But it is clear now that having a mobile friendly site will weigh more heavily now than before in determining your Google ranking.