National Heat Exchange

National Heat Exchange is the undisputed world leader in servicing industrial coolers, and The Idea Center is there to represent their dauntles commitment to keeping the world energized. Supporting America’s energy producers and manufacturing powerhouses is National Heat Exchange, keeping us moving 24/7. The Idea Center creates a dependable, dynamic persona for them to present […]

Virginia Eye Institute

Virginia Eye Institute reaches new levels of visibility and prominence with The Idea Center’s full-scope comprehensive approach. The Idea Center produced a whole new look for Virginia Eye Institute by building a website and a full marketing campaign that is alive with the spirit and character of one of America’s premier eye care specialist networks. […]

HCA Healthcare

Exceptional healthcare professionals turn to The Idea Center to showcase their dedication to and zest for life. HCA Virginia is a network of physicians with a visionary approach to caring for and preserving lives. The Idea Center enables their team to share that vision with the world. At The Idea Center, we specialize in creating accessibility […]

AMF Bakery Systems

Designing a new public profile for the international heartbeat of bakery solutions. Baking around the globe: AMF Bakery Solutions is the world leader in high quality, high speed automated baking equipment. Marketing with a Mission means that we strive to promote ventures that change lives. AMF came to The Idea Center for help creating a […]

Video Marketing Creates Big Impact for Medical Firms

Consumers today are empowered by the Internet in so many ways. Before making major purchase or even placing a lunch order, people turn to the web to find ratings, stories, and more information about the products and services they purchase. This is especially true for medical services.   “We have learned that consumers want to […]

Our Expanding Google Partnership

Opening the Doors to New Business with Google For 21 years this month, The Idea Center has been working to keep companies and nonprofits on the cutting edge. The Idea Center team isn’t looking to be trendy; not all new tools offer an increased return on investment for businesses. Google search engine optimization, however, has […]

Video Testimonials for HCA Virginia

The true measure of a business’s success falls in the testimonials of former customers/patients. With this in mind, The Idea Center figured what better way to advocate for the level of passion and professionalism upheld by the HCA Virginia Johnston-Willis Staff, than documenting the first-hand accounts of former patients? As a result, our team produced a series […]

Richmond Business Owners Workshop Sponsored by Google

You don’t want to miss out on the Richmond Business Owners Workshop that the Idea Center is hosting for free.  The event is being sponsored by Google and Richmond business owners can expect to learn how to grow their business online using Google Maps, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.  Everyday people in Richmond are […]

Free Google Workshop on How to Grow Your Business Online in Richmond, VA

The Idea Center will be hosting a free workshop on how to grow your business online.  The workshop is sponsored by Google and is part of their campaign, Grow Your Business Online – Let’s Put Your City on the Map.  The idea is to help local businesses learn how to claim and manage their Google listing […]

Keep your Website Mobile-Friendly

Google is constantly updating its search algorithm. They do this to ensure that users are receiving high-quality and relevant results for what they are searching for. Google’s mobile update made on April 21, 2015, is one of the major algorithm updates that has come within the past decade. Commonly referred to as “Mobilegeddon”, this update transitioned […]

Google Favoring Mobile Friendly Websites Will Directly Impacting Search Engine Optimization

Google announced in February that a big change will be occurring in their search engine algorithm to help their users find more relevant information.  On April 21 Google will start ranking mobile friendly sites higher than those sites that are not.  Mobile devices have changed the way in which we surf the web.  Everyday more […]

Video Production for the Virginia Eye Institute

The Idea Center & Virginia Eye Institute have collaborated to provide patients with an unique opportunity to meet their doctors virtually. We began contemplating the standard medical CV–that you can expect to find on 9-out-of-10 healthcare websites–and concluded that the best way to improve the user experience would be to introduce potential patients to VEI’s amazing staff […]

New Website & Corporate Video for AMF Bakery Systems

Earlier this year international equipment manufacturer AMF Bakery Systems partnered with The Idea Center in an effort to improve the 100-year-old brands digital relevance, highlight their innovative culture, and reinforce their mission of “Feeding families around the world”. At The Idea Center we believe in Marketing with a Mission, our goal is to learn each and every clients business well enough […]

HCA Chippenham Hospital “Best Day of My Life” Video Goes Viral

The Idea Center has had a growing relationship HCA Virginia Hospitals and we enjoy being part of their mission to provide top quality health care with a smile.  We have shot video for several different locations in the Richmond area.  Over the summer, the Chippenham Hospital Pediatric Unit approached us asking for our help with […]

The Idea Center Shoots Video Shown at Architectural Conference in South Korea

On September 17th, The Idea Center was invited to shoot video for the Virginia Society chapter of The American Institute of Architects.  The chapter was celebrating their 100th anniversary and we were there to encapsulate this monumental moment.  While there, we had the pleasure of meeting Helene Combs Dreiling, President of the National AIA. A […]