BIO-CAT: Creating unprecedented levels of wholistic health through progressive enzyme research and product development…presented to the world through a gorgeous website!

BIO-CAT ’s mission is to provide enzymatic solutions that optimize health and well-being; and just like our team at The Idea Center, keeping their customers happy is their number one goal. When health is a priority, enzyme activated remedy stands apart as a sustainable, intuitive alternative to our healthcare industry’s standard pharmaceutical-based substances. For nearly thirty years, BIO-CAT has been providing the nation with dietary supplements driven to produce optimal health benefits naturally. The Idea Center has built a website for BIO-CAT and their division BIO-CAT Microbials that is clean, accessible, and engaging; like their product line and mission. This online presence beautifully balances scientific research and data with natural sensibility and charm. The Idea Center is pleased to manage the company’s SEO and Google PPC campaigns as well as their helpful and attentive Constant Contact program.

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