Plus Ultra

If it’s impulsive curiosity that drives the way Sean thinks, it’s the consistent creative output that makes up the vehicle. The overflowing pile of notebooks that are filled with scribbled ideas that lay in the corner of his room is a testament to that.

Sean joined us as an intern in the spring of 2018. He joined us full-time after graduating from VCU in the winter of 2019 after double majoring in Creative Advertising & Strategic Advertising.

When Sean isn’t Bungee jumping his way through Wikipedia rabbit holes, he’s applying his curiosity to our clients business. He places an emphasis on building a strong foundation for web presence, making sure the strategy is viable at every stage of marketing, and having compelling creative to bring it all home.

As a member of a military family, Sean moved around frequently when he was young. After living in places like South Korea, Texas, and New York, Sean knows that life offers many different lenses to see through, and is comfortable looking through all of them. He uses the same approach when it comes to your business. For Sean, there’s never just one approach or solution to a problem. He believes that if you don’t look at a problem from multiple angles and perspectives, you’ll rarely find the best solution.

Sean believes that if you do something, you should strive to do it to the best of your ability. He considers himself a dreamer and a doer. He is able to bring an idea to life from its conception to its execution. Whether he’s taking this approach with his band, The Firnats, or with crafting copy, Sean wants to be the best at whatever interests him.