Senior Web Developer

Keep Building Your Brand.
A hands-on researcher and persistent solution-hunter, Peyton is compelled to create. From self-teaching himself HTML and PHP to develop his first rock band’s website at the age of 12 to reviving his vintage vehicles — Peyton is both patient and passionate about mastering puzzles.

Peyton sees every project as ongoing potential and will tell you he responds to stress differently than most. Through laid-back and open-minded collaboration, he will manage your projects’ inevitable pressures by relying on his core conviction: you can always find the missing piece that moves you forward.

His ability to remain calm and focused, whether composing new metal-band riffs or rebuilding engines, also empowers his penchant for the meticulous coding and details inherent in web design. After building his skills in VCU’s design program, Peyton joined The Idea Center in 2011, filming videos for a wide range of promotions. Contributing his eye for fundamentals and construction, he then took on the leadership of clients’ online projects.

Peyton applies his easygoing, can-do demeanor to your Internet brand presence, always willing to flex, venture, and innovate. In his heart, every masterpiece begins by sketching lines. Stay consistent in that attention, document your ideas as they progress, and your best results evolve.

What Peyton finds most rewarding is taking on a client’s underperforming or nonfunctional web presence and revamping it with great content and imagery. He aims to create sites that function well and produce business. He scours a dynamic host of improvement areas from old technology to defunct phone numbers to broken links and forms to help ensure your site stays current and user-friendly. He’ll teach you how to make your own updates. He sees his purpose as ongoing refinement of a powerhouse that builds your brand.

Given the choice, Peyton could eat tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: no need for plates, utensils, or even deep thought — just easy, instant action in an overactive world.