Content Creator

Elevate Your Design.

When you do what you love, the good stuff surfaces. And no matter what surface presents a challenge to Mitch, he’s up for it. A lifelong obsession with skateboarding — and all that it has to teach us about perspective and attitude — prepares Mitch to pursue design that delivers.

Mitch’s passion originates from a continual practice of shooting, sharing and improving skate films with friends for more than a decade. He aims to conceive visual vehicles that evoke awareness, education, elevation, and change. He’s no stranger to digging deep to self-teach and will tell you he sticks with any DIY project until it’s done.

Prior to joining The Idea Center’s team as a VCU Creative Advertising graduate in 2016, Mitch cultivated his design skills filming weddings and creating logos and print collateral for small businesses. He is trained to think from the viewer or customer’s mindset, intent on achieving a powerful, experiential impact. Consistently exploring cinematography, mood, scene selection, color, and more; Mitch applies his flexibility to achieve your desired results.

Mitch is living his belief that diligence and patience can improve every outcome and bring a fresh perspective. Because he’s gotten back up a thousand times from any new complicated skate trick, he applies that diligence to website design, logo development or any media tool your business needs. He is comfortable outside of his comfort zone. Mitch especially enjoys saving you measurable time and money formerly spent describing, selling or presenting your story again and again, by distilling it into a visual event that reaches an unlimited audience quickly and effectively.

A natural adventurer, Mitch enjoys yoga with his girlfriend and travels the East Coast filming historic places that inspire skateboarders. He is especially honored to have filmed in Philadelphia’s legendary Love Park mecca before it was taken down. Knowing that he has captured a once-in-a-lifetime exposure to a place that exists and persists solely in art form now, is to Mitch an ultimate thrill.