Video Producer

Improve Your Focus.

Whatever you’re looking to communicate, Maurice enjoys capturing it for you in ways that engage and compel. His experience with lighting, framing, timing, editing, music, and the myriad nuances of image-creation — along with his disciplined determination to achieve your desired goals — equips him to craft media that motivates.

Honing his love of storytelling while at VCU in Creative Advertising, Maurice concurrently operated a music blog with friends. During college, his extracurricular time was spent filming live concerts at The National and shooting shows for RVA Magazine. Starting with The Idea Center as an intern in 2012, Maurice joined the team full-time upon graduation. Ever since our clients have been the happy beneficiaries of his talent and focus.

Maurice loves most that his job is to learn something special about everyone else’s jobs. From filming doctors performing cataract surgery to creating lunch-and-learn educational videos that teach industrial systems, Maurice brings ideas to life. He is detail-oriented and patient with the precise adjustments necessary to transform information into entertainment. An easygoing soul who practices yoga and detox cleanses with his girlfriend, Maurice treads lightly within your work environment to set lighting, check to frame and get extra takes without you feeling like you’re being filmed.

What’s rewarding to him is creating the aha reactions when viewers learn something they never knew or witnessed before. To Maurice, producing the best results for you is dependent on deliberate attention to specifics like prep, color balance, and mood. He likens his “passionate tinkering” approach to a gardener who grows success not with water alone but by rotating, talking to, feeding, and watering an idea’s seeds.

Maurice is committed to show others how you’re better, not just say it. In a world of micro-moments, where prospects are quick to demand and dismiss options — Maurice sets his sights on achieving an immersion. That way, instead of only offering an article or link, interested viewers feel confident enough to be a customer who trusts in you.