Account Manager

Champion your purpose.

From idea invention to sales generation through success perpetuation, you’ll find Kyle on your side. An instinctive encourager, he gets to know your “why” so that he can take your timelines and targets to heart as deeply as you. What he enjoys most about his purpose at The Idea Center is going beyond sales to relationship care and development. In a word, Kyle is dedicated. To him, account management is about listening, understanding, and asking. His goal is to hear things through, figure it out with you, and consistently find solutions together.

A career sales exec, Kyle first began landing large accounts for a startup weather forecasting company that grew from 20 to 200 employees, and later joined a sales team for an established $8 billion payroll corporation. Throughout his career that led him to The Idea Center, Kyle developed a desire to minimize layers and obstacles in both internal and external work relationships. He wanted sales to originate not from fear or bottom-line mindset, but from a genuine passion for living what you believe.

What Kyle does naturally is navigating business, take care of his clients, and find new ones — for The Idea Center, and for you. It takes guts to live a life of reaching out, but pushing beyond limiting beliefs is Kyle’s specialty. He says what makes him feel greatest is coming through for clients and maintaining follow-up. He wants to help ensure you never spend time tracking down an unresponsive marketing vendor again. Instead, he partners into your perspective to see if The Idea Center is a great fit for you and then stays proactive for the duration to sustain your trust.

Kyle most enjoys championing the causes of hard workers who set their minds on doing things right. His favorite saying is that happiness is achieved by helping others. If you ask Kyle how The Idea Center’s promises are believable, he’ll encourage you to ask his clients. That’s because he believes selling is not about telling, but about showing that you mean it. Which includes working honestly through the inevitable detours, bumps, and mistakes of trying anything new.

To Kyle, success isn’t the end result, it’s the journey. He’s known to say that holding your breath from start to finish isn’t fun for anyone. And one of Kyle’s favorite ways to improve the journey is by bringing levity to interactions. A lover of comedy and unpolished exchanges, you’ll notice that Kyle is intent on tackling and clearing stressors to increase satisfaction. Because to Kyle, a happy outlook is healthy for business and life overall.