Account Manager

Live in the Moment

Jeff was born a hands-on problem solver. Equipped with a patient personality and an inextinguishable desire to fix things, Jeff lives for the moment when questions resolve into answers. 

If there’s one thing Jeff knows, it’s that you may have to get your hands dirty in order to achieve the results you want. From his dream job of being an auto-mechanic as a child, to working as a laborer for many years, Jeff took his lunch pail mentality with him when he transitioned to the sales world. And it’s not just a facet of his mentality, it’s the entire package. The clients experience and happiness matters the most to Jeff. Regardless of whether it’s due to a repaired transmission or a bump in SEO rankings. 

At his heart, Jeff is a true people person. In him, you’ll find a refreshing passion and authenticity that manifests itself through each interaction. His easy going manner and dedicated loyalty to his personal and business relationships separates him from the rabble. His transparent nature allows for relaxed conversations and a level of comfortability that could only reveal itself through genuine human interaction. He believes that the best way to find a solution is to talk it through, explore working scenarios, and apply a “can-do” approach.

Jeff channels his motto, live in the moment, in everything he does. By taking time to enjoy the present, we can also enjoy what’s to come in the future. Whether he’s applying his motto to tending the garden and yard at home, or to his relationships with clients at work, Jeff appreciates the small stuff as much as he values the big stuff. If he could end every day like he wanted, it would be in his home garden, sipping on a cocktail with his wife, and simply cherishing the moment.