President & Creative Director

Barry Martin - The Idea Center

Realize your vision.

What you do and why you’re doing it is critically significant to Barry Martin. For decades he’s promised to know your products and services so intimately, he could sell them himself. Bring your prospects and plans to his ear and you will experience a genuine work of heart.

A lifelong sales creator, Barry stays dedicated to your mission, diligently improving and adjusting your voice, message and media until you intrinsically own that your work is improving the world.

A natural relationship-builder, Barry began bringing in larger projects in industries not typically pursued by other agencies. Power plants and industrial steel manufacturers still needed trade show booths, a differentiating brand, marketing collateral, and most of all — a sales guide who would attract success. Not only would Barry organize teams of designers, photographers, videographers, and writers to develop campaigns and tools, he would partner with clients to work their trade show booths and sales meetings first-hand.

His team’s current work within the medical industry achieves trust and new patients through educational and inspirational videos of doctors and detailed procedures. His goal is to continually develop opportunities for you to create new relationships.

He’s been sticking to this mission for decades. It’s his life-work. Ask Barry and he will say he’s somebody who loves to help people, and that he sees each person as art. And because he understands how the sales process works in a customer’s mind, he facilitates focus groups and conducts research to learn how customers benefit from working with his clients. Never just a vendor of ads or ideas, Barry collaborates with you for the long-term as a partner. He extends this positivity within The Idea Center as well, maintaining an in-office meditation room, aromatherapy, and a Bulletproof Coffee™ station. He believes pursuing a healthy body and mind invites better ideas. He is constantly educating himself on the latest digital technologies — like why Snapchat is the third most used modality — so that he can keep you ahead of the curve.

Embracing that 98% of prospects are searching for solutions online, Barry is also a certified Google Partner who will optimize your internet visibility and impact. He concepts and leads television and radio campaigns, YouTube channel series, podcasts, social media promotions, and more that are trackable and measurable. This keeps the focus on ensuring that your offers turn into sails — which improves your ability to do more good.