A Year In Review

In accordance with the Gregorian Calender, today is the last day of the year 2019. Many important things happened this year. Medical technology advanced at rapid rates, with scientists getting closer to a cure for type 1 diabetes and improved Aids prevention, a giant tortoise was spotted for the first time in Galápagos in over 100 years, and reports show that the Earth is slowly getting greener and leafier.

For The Idea Center specifically, we can look back at this year with pride. From building websites, to producing videos, and launching national advertising campaigns; we accomplished and surpassed multiple goals in 2019.


Click on the links below to take a look at a few of the websites we built this past year:


In 2019, our video projects varied greatly. We shot B roll for websites, physician spotlights, patient testimonials, corporate videos, and drone footage; sometimes all in the same day! Here are a couple of our favorites from this past year:

Leipertz Construction

Marketing Reel

VEI Aesthetics

VCS and Chris Mooney


In 2019, we worked hard to increase our clients web presence through use of search engine optimization and PPC advertising. Our clients as a whole gained over 5,000 spots in organic SERP keyword rankings this past year.

Favorite Projects

We love all of our clients, but certain projects stuck out to us this year. Here is each team members favorite project of this past year.


My favorite project had to have been shooting Chris Mooney, University of Richmond’s basketball coach for VCS. He’s a real likeable and down to earth guy. Being able to feature him in our marketing and advertising campaigns was really cool to me.


I think it’s Trivium Advisors. Working with Greg Hillman, the President of Trivium, was such a pleasure. We built his old site a couple of years ago when his business was a bit smaller. This past year we built a new site for him because he’s grown and expanded a bunch. Real great guy, what he does is so awesome with intelligent buildings and net zero energy. His love for the team was much appreciated as well.


Probably Enteros Design, an architecture firm here in Richmond. They do amazing work. The whole process was smooth and clean. It was a pleasure working with them from day one.


I think my favorite moment of this past year was going to Cleveland for the Digital Summit. But my favorite project was probably shooting for JR Caskey. It was pretty sweet. Shooting construction right by the Pentagon and seeing them in action is something that a lot of people never get to experience.


I’d have to say my favorite part of the year was shooting drone footage for Leipertz Construction. I thought the video came together really nicely and I had fun with it post production.


My favorite moment of the year was probably working on the National Heat Exchange campaign. They’re such a pleasure to work with and I learned so much about strategy and digital marketing throughout the process.

Other News

  • Peyton gained a new puppy in 2019, Henry!
  • We became an official BirdEye Reputation Management partner this year.
  • Most importantly, Mitch and Kyle got to meet world famous reality television star Ja Rule at the digital marketing summit in Cleveland.

From us to you, Happy New Year!