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Smashing Magazine listsĀ 5 indications its time to redesign your business website.

  1. Slipping metrics – site visits, sales (if e-commerce) and visitor interaction decreasing could be indicative that interest in the site has “worn off”. Properly monitoring your website analytics should give you a heads up of what visitors are interacting with and what they aren’t. Use this data to innovate what your site offers in the future, the data is there you just have to use it!
  2. Customer feedback – if you’re customers tell you your site is difficult to navigate or ugly, you should take note. Sometimes they never get a chance to tell you because they have already moved on to your competitions website, don’t let this happen to you. This could be a staggering amount of potential earnings lost.
  3. Site repair costs exceed the cost of replacing it.
  4. It looks old – remember what websites looked like 10 years ago? Web aesthetics are constantly changing, and some design styles do not hold up over time. Fortunately for small business’ an elaborate website isn’t always necessary. Provide customers with the proper information quickly and give them the option to get in touch with you right away and you should be fine.
  5. Its been more than 12 months since a refresh. A refresh can mean anything from new sales copy to a new batch of professional pictures. Just remember that you always want to take a step forward with better quality nothing hurts a business more than going backwards.

1 through 4 are good rules of thumb. 5, not so much, particularly for small business. You should realistically get a couple years out of a well-designed site, and so long as you post fresh content with regularity (i.e. fully implement social media) it will still interest visitors even if the site itself has a little age on it.

I would add to this list:

  • Your site isn’t optimized for search engines. It important when building your website to have a clear focus on what it is trying to achieve, reasons vary depending on the business. Figuring out exactly what you want from the site will make it much easier to build in the optimization instead of going in after the fact.Remember that there is 2 types of optimization online and offline. Don’t make the mistake of just doing one and neglecting the other because to make SEO(Search Engine Optimization) work(and worth the money) they need to work hand and hand.

Every business wants a site that looks cool and has slick features, but the “nuts and bolts” of the website shouldn’t be neglected. A properly built website will ensure that you’re easily seen by the search engines and appear in search results for products and services that you offer. Web Design Richmond VA